Inspiring audiences through the carter legacy and the good folks of plains, georgia.



We would like you to consider joining us in a very important project to preserve our small hometown of Plains, Georgia, and the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site, as a center for personal visitors and virtual learners. Our goal is to keep our community vibrant, offer continuing learning opportunities, and most importantly, correlate the stories of bygone days and modern times. By doing so, we hope to describe how Plains has helped to shape our lives and public careers. 

Our desire is that the National Historic Site in Plains continues to thrive as an active learning center about our individual stories and the value of public service. An important element of this is our friendships and the importance of collaboration with others. We want this to be a repository not only of our own activities, but also that of our partners and the wonderful friends with whom we have worked throughout the world. 
Friends of the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site will be leading this important effort, and we hope that you will join us in making it a resounding success.


We are comprised of dedicated and hard-working individuals who are focused on fulfilling the needs of our organization. Our areas of expertise include fundraising, educational programs, interpretive projects and research for future generations.



Kim Fuller   Plains Mayor Boze Godwin   Penny Smith


bOaRd Members

Jimmy Carter   Rusha Gardner   Jimmy Skipper
Rosalynn Carter   Dr. Evan Kutzler   Mary Minion
Mill Simmons   Jem Morris   Ruth Sanders
Eugene Edge   Dr. Wayne Johnson   Jacquelynn Slappy
Chip Carter   Phil Wise   Jan Williams





Plains is a small town in Sumter County, Georgia, about 2.5 hours south of Atlanta, by car. Originally inhabited by the Muscogee, an Indigenous culture known to inhabit the Southern Woodlands of the United States, the city now boasts a vibrant, diverse culture. Agriculture, tourism, church and schooling are the heart of the small southern town, and have been over the ages. In fact, throughout the late 1800ís and well into the 20th century, Plains great economic growth was due primarily to the cotton industry. Unfortunately, during the Great Depression the town lost most of its prosperity. Afterwards, Plains remained a quiet country town, immersing itself in the peanut industry. Then, in the 1970ís one of the born and bred locals decided to run for Presidency of the United States.


Jimmy Carter has helped launch Plains Georgia into a full Tourist Attraction, bringing in visitors from across the globe! We welcome you, your family and friends to join us Ė learn our history and help celebrate our achievements. Itís not every town in America that can claim home to a President and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

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